Friday, March 28, 2008


First, poker - I played my tightest game ever last night and went out 46th of 95. I know this becuase I finally got home and sat down (knowing I was going to stand up and leave again momentarily) at 10:45pm and saw that I had JUST been blinded out of the Riverchasers in 46th. $11 well-spent I'm sure.

Went out for post-work drinks with co-workers, our favourite (and missed) ex-coworker, and I had a buddy meet up with me there. Much beer was had before my buddy and I grabbed some grub (low-quality chicken parmigiana on undercooked "bowtie" pasta, because it's too hard to pronounce farfalle apparently, served with a subpar pinot grigio and tasty garlic cheese bread). The problem with beer is that I can only drink so much of it before I don't want any more. Last night I hit that limit, thanks to another round being ordered from our distractingly attractive waitress before I could switch my poison to something vodka-based. The result was a terrible sleep and an unhappy me this morning.

There's but one way to fix that - more booze tonight before and during the Raptors-Knicks game. I'll be 20-some-odd rows behind one of the nets, which means I'll be a little blur on your TV.

And somehow I'm supposed to get my ass up by 8:30 tomorrow morning to go check out a sale on wine cellars. I wonder if that $11k one will be 75% off... I somehow doubt it, not that I have the space anyway. I'll probably end up buying a bunch of glasses and debating too long on the fridge.

Well that was a useful waste of time, non?

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