Thursday, March 13, 2008


My pursuit of victory in the weekly Wednesday convention was met with resistance. Whilst achieving a modicum of success with initiating holdings, my readjustment to orthodox initial collections of monetary tokens was perhaps incomplete. Aggressive tactics were occasionally rewarded, but ultimately resulted in supererogatory decreases in fortitude. An ousting in the fiftieth percentile is not a means to augment one's overall standings or secure a placement in the field of combat amongst other virtuosos of the medium.

On that topic, the realization has just struck that I have unintentionally created a conflicting schedule in regards to the aforementioned meeting of minds. This provides a quandary if I am to achieve success in my endeavours. That, perhaps, is a span best traversed upon approach. Regardless, extracurricular parlays and potential monetary gains continue to validate these pursuits.

Anon, the contiguousness of the scheduled wager-based delectations advances unhindered. My virtual embodiment shall most assuredly be in attendance, with my clarion objective apparent.


Shrike said...

Thanks for the morning chuckle! Anything that makes me laugh out loud is rare.

BWoP said...


katitude said...

Holy fuck..Iakaris is back and guest posting!

Astin said...

While admittedly inspired by the promulgations of the medico whose alias is taken from an overexuberant child of Daedalus, it is, in fact, your traditional scrivener in attendance. Perhaps I am overcompensating for recent perceived derelictions in style. Or perchance the floridity of my composition is a means of obfuscating an otherwise glaring lack of substance.

BamBam said...

Ya, you got nothing kid. But you did manage to put it into words and that takes panache.

I'll give you that.