Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Poker, The Future, and Fish

Minor poker night.  Out somewhere around 40th in the MATH after being forced off draws and mediocre hands early on, and then my threes not being able to beat Goat's Aces in the end.  What a donk... who calls the game's short stack's all-in for 1/8th of their stack with pocket rockets preflop? I expect more from the author of Stupid/System (although I believe it should be Stupid\System). I suspect collusion with someone else at the table who told him, "I don't have an ace." This therefore told him that there was a better chance more aces were out there. Then again, he DID call, which means he had the stronger hand.

I had finished dinner around 8pm and sat down at my computer. I opened up the 50-50 lobby and saw there were still a couple SnG satellites available. So I signed up for the $14+1 2-entry and proceeded to fold my way to a seat. I think I played the first hand, and maybe 3 or 4 more before we got to 4-handed and I was pushing out of necessity and taking chips from the weakest table in history. I was a legit 2nd place when 3rd went out and into the 50 I went. I then took an easy double up with an overbet for value on a rivered set over some donk with 2nd pair no kicker and sat on my chips for a couple hours. I was completely card dead, and was getting blinds when I did raise my less-mediocre holdings. I essentially limped into the money, and then pushed my 2nd-shortest stack with A6o. The BB agonized over his call for slightly more than on BB more (it was pathetic) and finally called with T2s. I knew I was done. T on the flop was all he needed, but an over 400% ROI isn't terrible :).

In 1968, Mechanix Illustrated took a shot at what life would be like in 2008. They got it wrong. Granted, they were pretty close with the telephone/television shopping. For an era when the personal computer didn't exist, Al Gore hadn't invented the Internet yet, you killed a mouse, and a keyboard was somewhere to hang your keys, they came close. But where's my hovercar on the computer-controlled traffic system taking me to another bubble-city?

It seems Meanhappyguy has challeneged me to a cook-off. I fear I can't hold a candle to his latest concoction, but I'll try. The mixture of those rich toasted orange hues against a creamy background of flavour. The artistic statement made by combining a piscine form with a mollusc-based composite of tastes, obviously commenting on the industrial vs the natural. These are the signs of a man who knows a thing or two about presentation and big-picture thinking when it comes to culinary feats. Whilst tonight's meal plan is leftover lasagna and (I kid you not) clam chowder, I believe that I will have a meal worthy of competition later in the week. IT! IS! ON! Booya!

One last thing: I love when art and geekdom come together.  Check out these pictures, and these these pictures.   If you haven't played Portal, then you have no idea what I'm talking about.  Sucks to be you.

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meanhappyguy said...

That's right, you better have a food post up by next Monday at high noon, worthy of cuisine critique by our peers.

We shall let them decide, the one, the only:

BBT3 Chef Champiooooouuuuunnnnngggh!