Thursday, March 06, 2008

What A Donkey

That would be me I'm talking about. Let's get this part out of the way:

180 hands.
13 Pocket Pairs.
AA x 2
KK x 2
QQ x 1
JJ x 1
TT x 1
99 x 1
55 x 1
33 x 2
22 x 2

AK x 0
AQ x 2
AJ x 1
KQ x 5
KJ x 6
QJ x 3

Not bad.

22nd of 117, for some points. Because I suck.

I can think of 2 bad decisions on my part that cost me some serious chips at inopportune times. There was one other borderline decision I made with a tiny stack that would have resulted in a flopped boat, a double-up, and a chance to rebuild my stack. Damn.

Live sucked even more. Out before the first break in the tournament after overplaying AQ, and then busto in cash when I ran my flopped flush into the nut flush.

In short, a craptacular night for poker. Bedtime, g'nite all.

1 comment:

lightning36 said...

Watching you get those primo hands while I was getting 8-3os made my night. Really - what monthly fee do you pay to get those cards?

Thank goodness we have many tournaments in this battle.