Thursday, March 20, 2008

An Off Week

First off - Happy Easter this weekend to the western-rite Christians out there. It's Mawlid an-Nabi for Muslims today, but I understand that there's some debate as to if it's a celebration or not. It's also Holi in the Hindu calendar this Saturday.

Oh, and it's the first day of spring as well, here in the northern hemisphere. How do I know? It's snowing here.

I suppose that makes this quite the weekend!

Hey, and the Riverchasers is tonight too. I believe it's a non-NLHE week, so who knows if I'll show up or not.

The Mookie was last night. I had planned to play like a complete donkey to start off. Instead, I sat down 45min into the tournament and struggled to stay afloat. Jacks were good to me until Fuel beat 'em with a rivered 4-straight with TT (all-in preflop). A shame, because winning there gives me enough chips to make some moves and gamble a bit. Instead, I'm done.

I should stop checking hands I missed. I ran through the last 50 hands when I sat down, and saw AA, KK, and a ton of playable preflop hands that I wasn't around for. Makes me a bit tilty. Ah well.

Is it just me, or has the whole blogger world seemed a touch down this week? I know I'm in a bit of a funk, so maybe I'm just projecting, but blogs read a bit more melancholy and "blah" this week... in fact, it seems that updates are few and far between across the board. Very odd. Are we suffering BBT burnout already?

Poker has overall been a bit "meh" of late. Firing up a table when I'm just not that into it is a bad idea that I keep doing. Boredom cries out for satisfaction, and Poker is the auto-crutch. I should go for a swim instead, or play on the Wii, or any of the other games I have, or watch a movie or 12, or read one of the books in my ever-growing pile of stuff I want to read, or maybe deal with the pile of crap I've got taking over my kitchen. Yah, Riverchasers may not happen tonight.

We'll see...

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