Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sokath, His Eyes Opened

Just a quick one before a conference call.

Yes, I used a TNG quote as a title. You wanna fight about it?

I've realized something after last night.

I like Pot-limit Omaha.

Not sure about Hi/Lo, but Hi for sure.

I had a feeling I did, but wasn't sure. Then I decided to focus on it and pay attention to the things I figured needed paying attention to. The TV was off, chat windows were minimized. Distractions were removed. I tightened my game up, kept an eye on the non-card stuff, and did pretty well.

Now I just need to play some more to find out where I need work. I imagine there are a bunch of places. It appears I've found something new to hold my interest. Not that I was losing interest in good ol' NLHE.

Just one question - do people really have that hard a time figuring out the differences between Omaha and Hold 'Em? Go check out CK's blog today about starting hands and such. I have to say though, that if you didn't realize most of this already, then you aren't really paying attention or giving any thought to the game. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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BWoP said...

Well, considering the fact that my post centered around things that I observed at the tables (either in the course of play or in chat) . . .

I'm glad you caught the bug. It's a fascinating (and frustrating) game.

Wanna play some heads up PLO for your Guitar Hero???