Wednesday, March 26, 2008

15 Minutes and Dinner

I lasted all of 15 min in the Mookie tonight, but was surprisingly not the gigli.

AKd, 3rd AK so far (yes, 3 AK in 15min), there's a raise to 4x the BB, I re-raise to 11x the BB... raiser thinks, requests time, and then re-raises. No way he has aces I think, and call.

Flop comes all unders, two diamonds. He pushes, I instacall. He flips over AQo. WTF? Turn comes Qc, flop comes crap, and I'm done. Well... um... I was only a 90% favourite, I was bound to lose. Fuck.

Anyway, in answer to Meanhappyguy's cookoff challenge, I present tonight's dinner:

First, assemble the necessary ingredients. Farm-fresh vegetables, tomatoes, herbs, etc....

Are totally not needed, so throw that out.

Instead, you need only these things:

1/4 cup milk, 1/4 cup butter, salt, and a pot of water to be boiled. Oh, and this:

That's right, it's the PRESIDENT'S Choice. You gonna argue with the President? Check out that gourmet pasta!

Salt (1 tsp) the water (6 cups) and boil. Add pasta.

Boil until al dente or however you like it. About 7min.

That's right, boil.


Add butter and milk

Add the totally real dehydrated cheese.

Stir until smooth and delicious-looking.

Oh, and of course you need a drink with this. I did this while boiling. Here are some fresh blueberries, red grapefruit, lime, and mint.

Here they are muddled.

Add rum and pour into a glass half full with crushed ice. I have a real old-school electric ice crusher, but I opted to do this with a wooden rolling pin because... that's how I roll. Booya.

Here's that glorious pasta with deluxe white cheddar again.

And the final presentation.

I know your mouth is watering. Okay Meanhappyguy, if that even IS your real name... BRING IT!


meanhappyguy said...

You son of a bitch. Stole my meal! I'm flexible though, and don't drink (many) fruity drinks, so I think I still have a shot at winning this thing.

Your meal does look pretty damn tasty, though... I mean! It looks like POOP! I wouldn't eat that if my life depended on it! *spit*

Alyce said...

I have the sudden urge to make hamburger helper. No wait, I don't.

And you drink way too many fruity drinks, dearie.

Otis said...

You know what you're missing there? Cracked black pepper. I'm a bachelor/Mr.Mom this weekend. I'm thinking your...recipe...may be all we eat.

As for the'll be vodka here. And salty.

lj said...

omfg. it's my dream meal.

BWoP said...

This is my favorite food!

Nice to see the deluxe white cheddar touch.

Kraft orange powder is so passe.

Astin said...

Re: Fruity drinks - I had mint, blueberry, grapefruit, and lime to use up. Slashfood had the recipe I adapted this from up today. It was fate.

Black Pepper - what? And ruin the painstakingly researched and prepared balance of igredients provided by the box? Also, my grinder currently has black and pink peppercorns in it.

LJ & CK - Obviously, it's the meal for people living in cramped NYC apartments without a kitchen. And since we know NYC has a ton of great restaurants, it must obviously be a killer meal. MHG is doomed I tells ya!

I have the orange stuff kicking around too, but this is a cook-off, I had to go nouveau and exciting.

Fuel55 said...

How does a chef of your calibre not have an 6-burner gas stove?

Astin said...

Because my condo doesn't have any gas lines. That's a gorgeous range.

And somehow, I don't think storing large propane tanks in my place would be approved by the condo board.

KajaPoker said...

I have a post up that might trump this one. You are obviously the inspiration. Ch-Ch-Check it out, yo!