Monday, March 31, 2008

Some Cheese With That?

My game has sucked hard of late. I reloaded on Saturday. It seems 45 cents isn't enough to get going. Maybe the 13,000 FTP points I have could be used, but not in the middle of the BBT.

I was given a gift in the 750k on Sunday though. I won my seat in one of those fantastic 100 chip turbo pushfests. Easy money. Early on I re-raised with KQo and a Q on the flop. The bettor folds and says "okay, I'll fold KQ." Nobody believed him. This began a pattern. For the rest of his tournament, he whined and bitched about every single hand he folded.

"Freakin' TT, I can't catch a break." That came when a K and two unders were on the board.

"AJ, and I can't catch the draw?"

"TT again, I never win."

"I have JJ and everybody folds to my raise NOW?"

"Can't get paid off on a set."

Repeat ad nauseum any variation of the above. He basically folded to ANY aggression if there was something that could beat him on the board. It was by far the biggest display of weak, scared poker I'd ever seen. People took advantage of it. He finally went out when he pushed AJh preflop and ran smack into AA. Naturally, he complained about this too.

I held my fingers back and avoided calling him out on it. I so wanted to verbally thwap him for being such an annoying baby. But I figured it was better to leave the glass untapped.

It also opened my eyes. I realized I was staring into a funhouse mirror of myself of late. I'd been playing weak-ass poker, completely against my normal grain. Again. It wasn't that other people were being more aggressive, it was that I was letting them. I decided to change it back, and I liked my Big Game play much more.

Now I just need to keep it up.


I hate blue cheese. I hate even more how if even a little piece of it gets on something, it infects the entire meal with blue cheese taste. Ugh.

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