Monday, March 03, 2008


So, as stated - a phenomenal 105 runners for The Big Game last night. How many make the MATH tonight? Do we see the Monday tradition break 100? It's totally possible. What about The Mookie? 150? 200? More? Insane.

I've got my token for tonight's MATH, but I'm debating on signing up. I've got dinner at 6, which should give me plenty of time to make it, but you never know. Obviously, if I'm home before 10, I'll be in. The question is whether or not I sign up BEFORE I go out, in case I'm late. It's been a good year for the MATH for me so far. Starting with a 4-way chop, then taking one down, and pulling 2nd in another. I'm sitting on top of the MATH moneyboard, albeit not by much. Personally, I love 6-max and huge fields. There we go, decision made, I'll buy-in once I get home. Thanks for all your help.

Next decision will be The Mookie, when I hope to be playing live at the club instead. 1500 starting stack means I can't just buy-in and fold away the first hour.

For all the talk of Fischman's horrible play and incredible luckboxery last night, I think it needs to be said - he was donking it up to release steam. Having a huge stack makes it easy to play a very LAG style, especially when the win means so much to the people playing. He wasn't aware of the BBT3 stuff until the very end either, so it's not like he was being an asshole. On top of it all, I got the distinct impression that he was TRYING to give away his chips at one point. Here's a pro for whom the $75 fee is peanuts, and even the $2k win isn't significant. What does he prove by whomping a bunch of amateur donkeys who are obviously having a good time? It'd be like any of us playing a $1 SnG super-aggro and dominating it. Just doing it for fun without really anything at risk. It's not his fault he kept catching.

And then there were those who were more than happy to dump chips to him. Why raise to 9600 when he has position and 200k in front of him? Time to break out of kindergarten in that situation. The only reason you bet that there is because you have a premium hand and want to draw in his re-raise, or push on the flop. You KNOW he's calling if not raising with ATC, and then you're going to crumple if the flop doesn't hit you.

Ah well. It'd be pretty cool if we saw some more pros show up throughout this thing. It would suck if they all leave the "instant rebate" button on.


Julius_Goat said...

Exactly. I have zero opinion one way or another on Fischman's game, but I really doubt what we got was actually Fischman's game.

I think this was the pro varient of one of us logging into a $1 turbo to just donk for fun.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I've played a lot of tournaments with Fischman over the past year, both before and after he became an ftp "pro". This is how he always plays guys. Go search him yourself and watch in silence sometime.