Friday, March 14, 2008

The Continuing Adventures of Nada

I've still got nothing.

Out 61st in the Riverchasers last night. I never really got anything going. 3-tabling, in hindsight, was not so brilliant a move for me.

In fact, 3-tabling the Chasers, a $24 Turbo SnG, and the $4k guarantee PLO game was a terrible idea. Two NL games with completely different strategies and players, and then PLO on top of that? There was more than once I looked at my NL starting cards and figured a pocket pair wasn't that strong without draws. Then there was the time I looked a PLO flop with bottom set and thought, "shame that I folded" before realizing I was looking AT MY CARDS. Oops.

No plans tonight, so I MAY donkament it up. Don't know I feel like playing an MTT or not... could just be SnG's and satellites for T$. Or I'll just play Super Smash Bros Brawl on my Wii instead.

Anyway, that's boring. This is more to avoid the incredibly tedious task I've laid out for myself at work. Guess I should get back to that....

Here's to everyone meeting up in Philly this weekend - have a blast! I wish I was there, but I went and made other plans weeks ago. Foolish me.

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