Thursday, March 27, 2008

Andrew McCarthy And Jonathan Silverman

So I'm leaning pretty heavily to heading down Texas-way come May for the Weekend at Mookie's. I'm busy May 1st, so I'd be flying down on the 2nd. Luckily, the nonstop flight from Toronto gets in around 3:40 Austin time, and the flight back leaves around 4:15 on Sunday. Not a lot of time, but I think a ton would be packed in there. I'd have to find time to meet up with a couple buddies that are living in those parts now too... maybe I'll stay an extra day or two.

Of course, I don't golf. I mean, I could TRY, but something tells me my 20 ft drives, divot-ripping chips, and off-target putts wouldn't help anybody's cause. Besides, who the hell wants to wake up for a 10am tee-time on a Saturday?

Anyway, nothing firm... just thinking about it.


mookie99 said...

Book it!!

BWoP said...