Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Hope is tomorrow's veneer over today's disappointment.
- Evan Esar

Out 17th in the MATH last night. 86 runners isn't a bad number. In the previous theme of knowing where the blame lies, I lay it all at TuscaloosaJohn's feet for having cowboys.

No, I of course blame myself, which is why I was pissed off and spent the next 40 minutes playing Guitar Hero.

The hand I went out on was just plain stupid, and compounded by my own impatience and idiocy.

TJ raises 3x BB UTG, I call from the BB with 56h. Flop comes 458 with one heart. I "decide" (read: fool myself into believing what I want) that TJ is on two high cards. I check, he bets less than the pot and I push all-in for 99% of his stack. He calls. Turn 3 brings me the OESD, but that's all she wrote and I'm done.

I was tilting from TJ vehemently defending his blinds for a couple orbits early when I had legit hands that I had to lay down to his pushes. The 2nd time I nearly had to force myself not to hit call with a decent suited ace for 2/3 of my chips. I figured I was ahead and he was just protecting, but I wussed out. If I was right and call here, then there's a good chance he's gone and I've got over 30k in chips instead of pushing with 2nd pair and runner-runner prayers for my still-decent stack shortly after. Even if I lose on the earlier hand, I still have enough chips for fold equity and a few orbits of patience.

I had the right mindset going in, got lucky with QQ holding up vs two bigger stacks and trippling through to jump from 2nd last to 4th in one hand, played a strong game, and then fucked it up at the worst possible time.


Congrats to Lucko for taking it down. 50 more events to go. I plan on showing up for PLO in the Skill Game tonight, and I plan on doing better than I have historically in non-NLHE events. At least it's PL, so getting impatient like I do with Limit shouldn't be a problem.

Here's another quote that can often be applied to the poker world:

He who praises you for what you lack wishes to take from you what you have.
- Don Juan Manuel


lucko said...

Thanks for the congrats. You will be taking one of these down soon enough.

If you are going to defedn with 65s, what better flop can you really expect than 864? I didn't see the hand, but it doesn't sound like your mistake was in postflop play.

Unknown said...

Wow.. Do you also have control over loading speed, so that "Impatience" takes actual MINUTES to load? :p