Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Everything's Coming Up Milhouse

No entry for the cookoff against MHG today, as last night was leftover homemade lasagna from a friend and some sauteed vegetables (white and cremini mushrooms, red onion, garlic, red pepper, and zucchini), with a fruit compote for dessert (banana, nectarine, blueberries, red grapefruit, red seedless grapes, lime juice and sugar).  Hardly worthy of such an esteemed competition.  If I feel up to it, tonight will be more competition-worthy.


Decided to skip the Skill Game last night.  I had absolutely zero desire to play limit razz and knew that if I did, I'd just give away my chips out of boredom eventually.  Instead I fired up my trusty $2 rebuy sat to the 50-50.  9 spots paid and $4 later (I took the add-on) I had my ticket. That thing is soooo soft.  I was in the top 10 just before the add-on period until the end.  In fact, I was in the top 6 for almost the entire time.

The fiddy was less eventful, with me going out in the 400's I think. All my fault, as I foolishly opened up Peggle as I was getting bored with folding. Stupid addictive game. Still, I don't regret pushing my 40% bottom pair flush draw with a short stack that was 4/5 of the pot. Ran into top two pair, and an aggrodonk with AJo (AQ5 board) who couldn't let it go. I'd have loved his chips.

Tonight we've got some Mookie doublestack knockout action, which should be awesome. Poor Hoy - he gets into the single-stack mindset for this Mookie, and it's doublestack week. It is to laugh.


It looks like Falstaff is setting up the June Vegas gathering for the weekend of June 6-10. That totally and completely doesn't work for me. I mean, I COULD take Monday and Tuesday off and come in on the Sunday, but that's practically pointless. It's a shame, because I was really looking forward to it and hoping it would be the weekend after.

Besides, doesn't that conflict with the BBT3 TOC on the 7th and the $2k freeroll on the 8th? I'm just sayin'....


Oh how I love it. Starbucks buys Clover. No, not a Clover machine, but the whole freakin' company. Here's this great little group that develops a single-cup machine that does it all right for $11,000. Fresh ground, adjustable water temperature, amount, and steep time. It becomes the centrepiece for independent coffee shops around the country and then Starbucks buys it! That's capitalism for you.

But that's not the beauty of the article. Oh no. It's the reactions of George Howell to the coffee. Howell's about as good as it gets when you want someone to judge your brew... and he essentially hated almost every variety of coffee he tried from Starbucks. Why? Because it's stale, overroasted garbage. He praised the Clover machine, but it was qualified praise as Starbucks can't figure out how to get the basics right. Garbage in, garbage out. This totally made my morning.

Of course, I'm sitting here drinking a cup of honey darjeeling tea.


Megan said...

well this is their big chance to change all that and now that Howard is back he'd be the one to pull it off. I wish them luck in getting back to their roots.

Astin said...

I'd love nothing more than a company like Starbucks to do just that. They have the power to educate the masses about coffee connoisseurship again. The question is if they have the guts to actually implement that. It's not an inexpensive proposition. It saddens me that they went from being a bean-seller to a great little Seattle shop to this faceless corporation that abandoned its core values for the bottom line.

I probably still wouldn't drink there regularly, but I wouldn't be loathe to the prospect anymore if it happened.