Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy New Week!

1:00am - time to go to bed.
3:00am - turn over, discover cats on either side of me. cute.
3:05am - cats are up. shit
3:10am - look at clock - it's only 3:10am? It feels like 6. I've only had 2 hours of sleep so far?
3:30am - get out of bed to threaten yet another of the cats' lives. Isolate them, go back to sleep
7:00am - wake up. Feel pretty good.
8:30am - why am I still in bed? SHIT!
9:15am - c'mon subway... hurryhurryhurry! Why is the last train still in the tunnel? Crap.
9:29:00am - Why isn't my card working? Okay, door's broken, I'm not fired (yet)
9:29:40am - storm to me desk and sit down to the jeers of those around me. 20 seconds to open.

Not how I wanted the week to start

Shame, because it was a good weekend. Friday saw me donking it up in the donkament, and having a good time (and going out 6th after holding the lead for a good long time.. le sigh). Then I actually finished cleaning up the post-party mess. Saturday I hung out with a couple friends all day and played through Rayman Raving Rabbids, which is far too cute and strange to be anything but fun. Small world, as I sat down for brunch and the girl I had a crush on through all of high school was sitting at the table next to me. Still looks good. Also got an anticipated phone call later that afternoon. Sunday was brunch again (different place, different friend, no high school crushes to be seen) followed by the Raptors-Cavs game... which was great for 3 quarters until LeBron (anybody else think his folks named him after the LeBaron he was conceived in and just missed a letter?) woke up and doubled his points for the game in the 4th. Then some Guitar Heroing, a nap, and a relaxing end (3 SnGs) to the weekend. Sometimes you just need to chill.

MATH tonight... perhaps I'll swing by. Unless Hoy does something like make it HORSE again. Welcome to 2008 - the year bloggers were forced to broaden their poker horizons. Or maybe I'll have other plans... naw, I'll likely be firmly placed in front of the computer at 10pm.

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