Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Big Game

I guess I'll do my small part to pimp THE BIG GAME this Sunday. 9:30pm, superstacks, $75. Rock.

I guess I won the last one, which saved me from reloading, and secured me a TOC seat*. I don't remember there being one in December, what with the holidays and all. So I guess that means I'll be playing in this one so someone has the chance to not only crack my aces, but take my temporary crown.

I love The Big Game, and it's even better with the superstacks. Lots of play, money that actually matters to the people playing, and the usual blogament good times.

I failed in my frenzy bid last night, but I'll try a couple more times for a token before I just buy in and overpay yet again. There's an outside chance it will be a donation from me as I'm keeping my day-to-day schedule pretty open these days. Maybe I'll be busy Sunday night... I probably won't be. Either way, my money will be in the pot.

So get out there, drop your $14 in the Frenzy at 9:45 EST and win some damned tokens already! Let's beef this baby up on Sunday! Ain't nobody wants to play for a $200 pool.

*Sorry to hear about the good Dr J's ousting from the Millions. AA cracked by donkish play of 35s? No shame.

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