Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Have I Mentioned Focus?

Played in the MATH last night, full buy-in plus a couple token attempts. Blinders' comments about the uselessness of satellites were ringing in my ears.

MATH started as I was playing some Gin and talking on the phone. These both continued for the first hour. Some may have noticed I was playing tighter than usual, and paying zero attention to the chat window. This actually served me really well. However, when my KK ran into someone else's AA (my raise, his re-raise, my all-in, call, preflop) I got crippled. I pushed all-in with A6c a few hands later (M=5ish) and was called by QTs (really?), Q on the flop, nothing for me, goodnight gracie. A shame that I lost after all the distractions were done with. Ah well. It gave me time to get a couple things done around the house before hitting the sack. Means less for me to do when I get home today.

Donked out of a few 1-table turbos as well. Overall, not a great night for poker. Somehow, I'll live.

The Skill Series continues tonight, but I won't be there. One day I'll make one of these. Limit Omaha 8 this week if I recall. I'd love to be there, just to watch the split pots and quartering. I think CK might be taking this one seriously. I predict that some total donk who keeps forgetting about the low or that it's Omaha EIGHT will take it down. That would totally be me if I was playing.

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