Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Back on Stars

I think I'll consider it an interesting experiment.

I think I've got around 1100 Full Tilt Points left, and $0.75 in cash in my Tilt account. Between some bad moves on my part and bad beats (the larger component) on Tilt's part, I'm effectively busto there. I'll play around with my remaining pittance of points until they're gone, and then likely spend December playing in freerolls for shits and giggles. Come Jan 1st though, I'll reload, if for nothing else than to play in Julius_Goat's Bad Bankroll management Tourney (BBT), which will have no celebrity guests and might not even have BDR going. But hey, I'm a supporter of terrible BR management, and also a fan of JG's, so why not?

In the meantime, I'm playing far less poker and playing it on Poker Stars. You know what? The reasons I left are moot now, and what issues I may still have are outweighed by the benefits.

They've got a good hand replay functionality now. They have themes. Their chat window is still too small and non-detacheable, but that's okay. I wish they had a pot-bet button though.

But they have multiple SnGs at the same time. The Double-or-nothings are easy fun. And most surprisingly, the beats aren't nearly as bad. It's odd, but even at the $6 turbo SnG range, I'm finding far less bad beats coming my way. Sure, there are still some, but I don't KNOW that getting in ahead will result in my losing on the river. Where'd River Stars go? I'm actually playing winning poker (albeit very small wins) there recently. It's very odd. If only I could redeposit easily there, it would likely be my home site again.

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