Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Why Don't I Listen?

The little voice in my head says, "hey, don't upgrade the firmware on your router tonight, you'll just fuck it up somehow." But NOOOOOOOOO, I just had to update it.

And now my router is a large white paperweight. E-mail into D-Link support, but I imagine the response will be "yah, it's a brick, tough shit." Even after all the pain of disconnecting the thing and hardwiring it to my box, because updating over wireless could cause bad things... like BRICKING MY FUCKING ROUTER.

Sigh... guess I'll pull out the old SMC and make do with its constant drops until I buy a new D-Link.... or maybe a technological miracle will happen and a support team will actually have a useful answer. Ha! I kill me.

And yes, I've reset to factory defaults.

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