Friday, November 07, 2008

I Got Nothing

There's an unfinished Obama post sitting in my drafts, but it keeps getting long and meandering.

I've written a couple posts worth comments on Hoy's blog today, and maybe somewhere else too.

Nobody really wants to hear about my completely typical frustrating call with D-Link re: my router. Or do they? Whatever... tech support is staffed by morons until level 3... who I'm waiting for a callback from.

Poker? 3rd again in yet another 18-man $2 NLHE SnG. Man, my BR is building stupid-fast!

Weekend? Birthday party tomorrow. That's about it. Yay!

Economy? Still a mess.

Life? Same ol'.

Food? Been eating out all week. Well, made my world famous chicken fajitas last night at my folks' palce. (I made them for someone who lives in Switzerland now, so that make 'em world famous).

Just be glad I don't blog about my cats much.

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