Wednesday, November 19, 2008


1,800 Full Tilt Points easily turned into a Level 1 token.

Level 1 token buys a seat in the $24+2 KO 90-man SnG.

Top 9 pay.

I go out 10th, after riding the short stack for the last 3 tables worth of players and doubling and tripling up when needed. KJo < A9o. M < 3, what you gonna do?

It's not like the A9 call was bad - I was no threat to his stack, and worth $47 as the bubble boy ($2 KO + $45 for 9th place).

So, still only $0.75 in the account. No Mookie for me tonight.

Of course, I'm going out for drinks after work anyway, so hitting The Mookie would have been a bad idea regardless.

I bought my hospital lottery tickets today though. Maybe I'll win a $1 million cottage in Muskoka. If that's the case, then there will be a new location for Eh-Vegas next year. :)

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