Friday, November 21, 2008

Cars and Food & Wine

The Wall Street Journal has a pretty good article on the current automotive mess. It should at least show you a few hallways to look down in how back-asswards the Detroit Three are.

One of my favourite annual traditions is this weekend. The Gourment Food & Wine Expo here in the T-Dot. A convention hall filled with wineries, tasty foodstuffs, and a few useless booths for hard liquor and bad coolers (generally surrounded by 20-somethings). It will undoubtedly be packed, cramped, and annoying... but I always come away amazed by a few of the samples I have.

This year, the spotlight country is France - I imagine a good wine or two will be found. I'm also doing a blind tasting of "cutting edge wines", which should be fun AND educational.

And of course, it has to start with a Kobe Beef burger with teriyaki glaze from the Edo booth.

So to those (now 3 or 4 people) who asked me to come to something this weekend, I again apologize, but I don't miss the Food & Wine show.


BWoP said...

I can't say that I'm surprised.


BamBam said...

Food & Wine > Bam-Bam's home game.

Got it !


Have you managed to hear the, "wine" (so clever IMHO) from GM, claiming they'll be bankrupt by January, should they not receive some major financial support?

Now you've just gotta' love that when the exec's all showed up for the big meeting, each one of them was stumped by those two great questions!

"Who flew here commercial and, who flew here on a private jet?"

and then,

"Who here has plans to sell that private jet?"

Donks !!!!

Astin said...

Heh, also > my friend's birthday, and Kat's home game. I'd feel worse if you weren't flying off to Cuba the next day.

Yah, the CEOs are clueless. Image aside though, I was dumbfounded the senators would waste time focusing on the private jets. Their operation is barely a blip on the balance sheet. When you lose over 10 billion in a quarter, you got bigger issues than how you get places.