Monday, November 03, 2008

The Curse of Good Pillows

A weekend without an adequate amount of sleep, but a surplus of fun means that when your 4th alarm goes off on Monday morning, you have no desire to rise up from the ├╝bercomfortable pillows.

Friday - Year end at work! Our fiscal year just ended, and there was much rejoicing. Why? Because everything starts at zero now. It's been an interesting October to say the least. So what better way to end off than going to a Halloween party? I dressed as myself from 10 years ago, which entailed buying a Jesus wig (which was just about a perfect match to my long hair of yore), tossing on my Engineering coveralls and F!rosh shirt, and a pair of sneakers. I walked in the door and was greeted with "AWESOME!" from all who have known me for the past decade or so. A good time was had by all, and I was home and asleep around... 5:30am.

Saturday - Alarm goes off at 11am, because I have a chair arriving somewhere between noon and 3. The condo doesn't like deliveries on Saturdays, but fuck 'em, it's just a chair. Up, ready, and the phone rings. Chair arrives at 1, and all is well. I throw together a hearty breakfast (bacon/tomato/pepper hash, scrambled eggs loaded with yellow pepper and extra EXTRA old white cheddar and a couple spices, a toasted sesame bagel with cream cheese, and a pot of berry tea with honey), and pass out on the couch for an hour. Up, tidy, and phone rings. 'Tis Kat informing me I have 20 minutes to get to the subway station for Keith to pick me up. I throw myself together and head out the door, only 10 minutes late, costume in tow (same Jesus wig + psychotic clown mask). Off to Tuckfardia for low-stakes poker! The tourney went less stellarly than expected, getting taken out when I pushed with K7s into a BB who announced that his call was, in fact, a donk call before flipping up K9o. Dammit.

But I stacked him in the cash game later on when my AQo beat his 56d in one of the two memorable hands of the night. Live straddles can mean... straddles all the way to the button (me). I obviously had to put 7x the BB down to complete the circle. The SB looks at his cards and declares all-in immediately. A good move on his part. Everyone folds to me, I look down at AQo and call. 5 and A on the flop and that's it.

The game was a riot. Nutzfirth was in fine form on my right. Strangely, he was unable to get me to respond to be called "douchebag". Hand of the night for me was when we were heads-up, and I had flopped a pair of aces with a J kicker. I bet $1, it folds around to him, and he shows me his 9Th that hasn't hit a thing on the board. "If I promise to put $1 in the pot, can I see the turn first?" No, if you put $1, THEN you can see the turn. Back and forth it went, "Can I have 4 if I call you?" No, if you push all-in, you can have whatever card you want. Finally, he calls, checks the brick turn, I check behind. River pairs the board and he flips over his cards for all to see and then bets 35 cents (yes, very high stakes here) with nothing. I raise to $2, and he tanks. He gets convinced that 55AK with his T playing MIGHT be good and he calls. I win. Laughs all around. Home late, in bed around 5am, and that's AFTER the time change. Thanks for hosting Carson, and happy birthday again.

Sunday - Up at 10:15 for a trip to Niagara for craps. Amazingly, we were actually on time this time. Perhaps we should stop that as everyone lost everything they were willing to lose. I'm still up in the 3 trips this group has made, and will view this as getting the losses out of the way so Vegas is pure profit. We decided to go for steak dinners anyway because SOMETHING had to be done right. Steaks were delicious and I was home at a reasonable hour (9pm). Odd occurence on the way home though. We dropped off one of our group at the carpool lot and hit the Tim Horton's across the road for some hot chocolate. "Sorry, we're cleaning the machine, no hot chocolate." Damn... we drive off and find another Tim's - "Sorry, we're cleaning the machine." WTF?? Luckily, I knew of another one down the road from there and we head off. It's DARK. We drive around back and there's a giant Tim Horton's tractor trailer there... and a makeshift drive-thru? They were running the shop out of the truck! We pull up, ask about hot chocolate and... they have it! Amazed, we pay, crack a joke about it to the drive-thru guy, who totally doesn't care, and head off.

Of course, I then stayed up until 2 because End of Days was on, and I couldn't turn away from this generic actioner about Satan coming to New York. The Hellboy animated movie that was also on was better.

Oh, and squeezed some poker in Sunday night too. Actually walked away from a ring game with more cash than I sat down with, and cashed in an 18-man $2 SnG. Amazing.

And that leads to this morning... damn am I tired.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what an action packed weekend.

It was great to have you up to Carsino. Any time you feel like a low stakes game just let me know. I'll make sure theres a seat for ya.