Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Economic Blathering

So there's a bunch of articles out there about how the worst is over. People are bullish again! The markets are recovering! The economy is a-ok!

Bull. Shit.

A few up days does not a recovery make. The underlying problems still exist. At BEST, we're looking at a short-term bubble before another collapse. But I guess that doesn't make good TV or reading anymore. I'm staying away. In fact, I think I'll wait until the real estate correction that's bound to happen in these parts and look into buying a place or two to rent out. When people can't afford their homes, they rent. If I can afford their homes, I can rent to them.

Historically low rates, and fears of a market retreat means a good time to buy if you've got the means.

What blows my mind is how solid economic thinking is right out the window. Just because you can trade faster than ever before, and get the information faster than ever before, doesn't mean that the fundamentals have changed such that market recoveries happen overnight.

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