Friday, November 14, 2008

Why Not Post More?

Time to defend my championship this weekend. The usual home game is once again occurring. This time it's the final game of the "season" before the TOC. I won the last one, making me the second 2-time champion, and guaranteeing my 1st place finish on the leaderboard. I plan to be the first 3-timer this week.

And it'll happen. Know why? Because I got my Full Tilt jersey yesterday from the BBT3. That will be SO intimidating to the other players. Maybe I should wear my Bodog hat too... and sunglasses. Yah. Nothing says "pro" like a guy covered in online poker swag and sunglasses. They'll probably just hand me their chips, stand up, and leave. Now if only I'd ordered a Full Contact Poker spinner card cover when that site existed.

Also, it'll happen because most of these guys kinda suck. There's a few that have some game, but they tend to overthink situations and talk themselves out of hands quite frequently. I've seen one guy go about 4 levels deep aloud...

"I don't see how that turn could have helped you. Unless you flopped the straight and were bluffing. But there's no way you called my raise with 97. Or are you suited and betting your draw? I think you figure you can just scare me off with that bet, since there's no way I bet with 97. You did check the flop, and really thought out that re-raise just now, and since I know you're a good player, you have to have something. Hmm.. a set? Either you're bluffing me, or you have the nuts and bet like that to make me think you were bluffing because you knew I'd think you were bluffing since you put me on a medium pocket pair or two high cards. Man, I'm just not strong enough to call here."

It's fucking HARD to hold a straight face with that much jibber-jabber.

The fact it's a rebuy for the first 5 levels and there are some loose motherfuckers who bring a stack of $20s helps too.

Yah, I love that game.

Oh, and I'll of course have the jersey on in Vegas so I can be found easily. Not that it's hard to find a white guy of average height, weight, and hair colour with no distinguishing marks in Vegas.

Think it counts as appropriate attire for Delmonico?

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