Thursday, November 06, 2008

Where I Remember Why

Why I bought that new router way back in February of 07 (still can't find the receipt, but I found my credit card statement) - the old on drops like an 80-year old with a life alert button.

Why I fired up bittorrent I may never know, but it was all running fine... then the 1st break in The Mookie came. I get up, come back, and my connection has dropped. 20 minutes and 3 resets later, I'm back on and riding the short stack. FUCK. Out I go when 66 doesn't hold up to 99.

I played a $2 18-man SnG after, and again, it dropped, this time when I raised UTG. By the time I was back on, a couple hands had passed. I managed to hold on for 3rd in that one. Sigh.

I'm picking up the new one today, AND putting a call into D-Link for the old one (the recommended course of action from e-mail support? Call our tech line. Thanks.) Since it's 3 months short of 2 years, there's no way they'll do anything once they tell me it's bricked. I could TRY and go through Visa, but that requires a receipt, proof of damage, and a bunch of hoops. The big stumbling block here is the receipt.

I dislike technology tilt a great deal.

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