Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Few Numbers

Just for fun.


Adjusted high (CAD) : $1245.00 (July 2000)
Current price Today's low : $0.57 $0.52

That's a loss of 99.954% 99.958% of its value.


High (USD): $57 (Dec 2006)
Current price Today's low: $5.36 $4.39

Loss of 90.6% 92.3%


High (USD) : $94.62 (April 2000)
Current Today's Low : $3.09 $1.70

Loss of 96.73% 98.20%

All were mighty and unsinkable. Tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of employees. Proven companies. Now? Barely keeping their nose above water. Poor management and lies hiding lies only last so long... and when your house of cards falls, it falls fast.

Dow Jones Industrial Average

High : 14198.10 (Oct 2007)
Today's low : 7774.58 7506.97

Loss of 45.24% 47.13%


OhCaptain said...

I think I can get a better rate of at the casino.

Short range vision leadership has lead to most of this. If companies spend less time worrying about stockholder satisfaction and more time worrying about customer satisfaction, this will improve.

Wolfshead said...

I don't think it's fun.