Wednesday, November 05, 2008

This + That

Heading to the Raptors game tonight vs some team from Detroit named after a car part. I'm hoping Iverson gets the go-ahead to play, otherwise it's what, the Kwame Brown show? See, I like the Raps, but I'm not really a basketball fan (despite going to more Raps games than Jays or Leafs games every year... go figure). I enjoy the live game though. Two 3-0 teams facing off, and without Iverson playing for the Pistons, the Raps are by far the better team. With the Answer? A much more entertaining game.

Wolfed down a delicious dinner at a great nearby restaurant last night (The Fat Belgian), as my friend and I rushed to catch Zack and Miri Make a Porno. This folks, is what we call a rental. It had some really funny parts, some generally amusing parts, and in between all that was a whole bunch of boring parts. It was far more restrained than Clerks II, but nowhere near the levels of early Kevin Smith. The guy can still write some interesting dialogue, but I think he's too intimidated by his actors who aren't his friends, and still tries waaaay too hard to be a visual director. He's improved on the latter, but the slow-mo walk-and-stare between Zack and Miri was almost funny... but it wasn't overdone enough that it was SUPPOSED to be funny. As for the intimidation, I say that because he gets great performances out of his regulars. Jason Mewes and Jeff Anderson were the best of the main cast. The cameos from Brandon Routh and Justin Long were over-the-top and funny, but they were small parts and the actors were obviously having fun. But when it came to Elizabeth Banks and Seth Rogan? They were good, but it felt like Smith was afraid to tell them to be raunchier in their delivery. I mean, this is a guy who gets some great stuff out of Ben Affleck, and Rogan and Banks felt like... well, like they were trying too hard, and considering the other work they've done, that amazes me. At the end, I turned to my friend and said, "this movie NEEDED Jason Lee" and she agreed instantly.

So, worth seeing? Sure, but save it for your home theatre.

Then we wandered to a bar and had shitty drinks (I'm pretty sure that wasn't Grey Goose in my martini, and her mojito blew) as we watched the election. It was on at the restaurant earlier too. I found it amazing that we were sitting in Toronto, and every bar had the election on. Once McCain conceded, we went outside and watched the crowd gather at Yonge & Dundas for the post-election party. We skipped that and found a TV with sound to catch Obama's speech. My friend's an American and was in disbelief that Obama won. A black president was huge. I was happy for the win, but not as dumbfounded or awed by the event. Perhaps its because I've grown up here, where racial lines aren't as rigid... but then, we haven't had a non-white Prime Minister yet (but one female for a few months).

Oh, over 64% voter turnout? Way to go! That's the best in over 100 years.

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