Friday, October 05, 2007

Ahhhh... Friday

Was this ever a looooong week. It felt fine as it was happening, but looking back at it, I can't believe it was only a week ago I was getting ready for my birthday. Then I look at my dining room table and am glad it was only a week ago, because it means that mess hasn't been sitting there too long.

Anyway, I woke up this morning with a smile once I realized it was Friday and the week was over. I'm also happy that it's Thanksgiving weekend up here in the Great White North, which means tons of turkey, and more importantly, stuffing! This could be the warmest Thanksgiving I can remember - mid-to-high 20's (Celcius you imperial maroons). One might as well bbq their birds.

The less said of my 22nd place finish in the Riverchasers last night, the better. I was playing well, and then got nailed by a setup turn card against Hoy's set to hurt me, and then my semi-steal attempt with a short stack ran right into Islandbum's rockets. Those are SUPPOSED to be my domain.

So far (touch wood), tonight is looking free and clear. Some people lament not making plans on a Friday, but after the week I've had, the weekend I'm facing, and the week yet to come, I'm looking forward to sitting my ass down and not worrying about anything. I'm going to grill up a bacon cheesburger with all the fixins, throw together some sort of sides, crack a beer or two, and donk away some US dollars (it's like playing for free!) in Kat's donkament (password "donkarama"). Maybe I'll catch up on a movie or two as well. Ahhhhh relaxation, how do I love thee?

Have a great weekend, and a great Thanksgiving if you're one of my Canadian brethren. As J-Lo did say in the masterpiece that was Gigli - "Gobble gobble".


lj said...

happy thanksgiving!

and funny bout me. i was not lamenting not having plans, i LOVE not having plans. problem is (as is the case now) once i get invited to do stuff, i then feel bad turning down social events to stay home and play poker and watch THE NEW SEASON OF FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. woo hoo!

so maybe i'll check you later in the donkarama. or maybe i'll be off trying trendy new restaurant gemma. time will tell. :)

Irongirl01 said...

Happy Belated Birthday to my fellow Libra (Surflexus is one too!!)..... Im the 13th