Tuesday, October 02, 2007

An Old Topic

Hey, remember how I ranted about gullible "audiophiles" and their ridiculous love of unbelievably marked-up cables? Well, Monster suddenly looks reasonably-priced after looking at the Pear Cable Anjou Cables $7250 for 12 ft?? WHAT THE FUCK?

I will once again reiterate (rereiterate?). It's a piece of copper run through a sleeve. Give me a freaking break.

I'm glad there's people like James Randi out there.

Or go read this article, as it is far more thorough than what I feel like writing again.

I'm totally in the wrong business. I should head over to my local surplus store, buy up a few rolls of cheap cable and surplus connectors, re-sleeve and repackage them, and write up some bullshit PR and specs and sell them for half the price of Monster and make a killing.

In a completely different vein, anybody want to buy some miraculous snake oil? It cures what ails ya and will improve ROI in your poker game by a measurable amount.


Alan aka RecessRampage said...


Btw, send me that snake oil. I'm sending you a check for $5k right now!

lightning36 said...

I once saw an interview with Kevin Garnett where he was asked if he ever looked at the price of anything he bought. His reply: "No."

I can see someone like a Kevin Garnett buying those cables. But for anyone else???

bayne_s said...

I always like to really grill the dudes at BestBuy who try to get me to uprade cables. Of course quality of crimp on connector is where real difference lies and eventually corrosion if cable is left unplugged a while. At least with respect to sending a DS4 signal down a line

Astin said...

Which isn't really a concern when dealing with a home theatre setup. :)

Unless you're planning on running a T4 network because you want to stream some really high-def stuff.

Even corosion isn't a major problem for 99% of the people out there, and connecting terminals are nice but not entirely necessary for hooking up a speaker. Unless it's a Sony.

bayne_s said...

You don't have your speakers 450 feet from receiver?

Astin said...

Strangely, no. I was tempted, but the volume required to hear it would have annoyed my neighbours. Especially the 1 or 2 whose places I'd have to run the cable through.