Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's Gonna Be A Loooooong Season

7-1. 7-1? 7-1!

Freakin' Leafs.

I said in the off-season they'd suck. Now, only 4 games in, they appear to have proven it.

One new addition is suspended for 15 games, and will be going to jail once the season is over for a DUI when he was in San Jose. He's not that good anyway.

Another new acquisition announced he has Leukemia. Lucky for him and his family, it's incredibly treatable and he should be fine if he keeps taking a daily pill. That's pretty amazing as far as medical science goes. Here's hoping nobody uses it as an excuse for Jason Blake, because we overpaid for a 34 year-old winger coming off a career year, and he's ours for 5 more years. Of all the free agents, he was probably the worst choice and therefore the most likely one for the Leafs.

Our much-trumpeted new goalie is average. Is Toskala better than Raycroft? You bet. Is he the second coming of Patrick Roy? Not by a long shot.

4 games in. 1-3. 7-1 loss last night. Here's hoping that it's the low point of the season. I doubt it though. No depth, an aging star, sub-par acquisitions in the off-season, young talent that isn't being realized, the most USELESS GM in the NHL, ownership that cares more about the value of the team than the fans... yah, this will be a season to enjoy.

If they somehow prove me wrong, I'll be cheering loudly with a cold beer in my hand, and eat my words. But I'm an honest fan, unlike most of the sheep in this city.

At least they aren't the Coyotes.


lj said...

no more f word for your athletes!

lj said...

Astin said...

That f***ing sucks! What the f***? NO!! THEY'VE GOTTEN TO ME TOO!