Monday, October 22, 2007

They Can't All Hold Up

Solved my issue by firing up a Tier 1 on Saturday around 1am or so and dominating that. Then I fired up the Tier 2 right afterwards, and through constant slipping off into unconciousness and strong play, won a token in that. Off to the races with me.

Made my live game, and went out after the first break after this brilliant play:

Dealt AA UTG+1, 150-300 with a 50 ante, I have 14k in chips. I raise to 1200 and the table folds to the button, who calls. I've been playing pretty tight so far and the only hand that's been shown was KQ that split with this same guy's KQ.

Flop come 568 with two hearts and I bet 2k into the 3300 pot. Button goes all-in, and I have him covered with 1200 left behind. I think. I look at that flop and worry about a set. No way he flopped the straight, but a flush draw is a possibility. Maybe suited connectors? I finally put him on an overpair and call.

He flips over K7o???? He called a tight player with K7o?? Connectors I could see, a 1-gapper I could see. Seeing a set wouldn't have surprised me. I'd put me on a strong hand pre-flop and call with an Ace-cracker, but K7o no heart? Wow. By far the donkiest hand I'd seen this guy play (and he'd played a few). So I'm 65% and naturally a 4 comes on the turn and I'm crippled.

Next hand I see JT and push my 1200. I get 5 callers but nothing on the board and I literally go home.

Fine. Gave me time to get some other things done before The Big Game. Went about 1 1/2 hours in that one before a donk move by me and a donk move by The Goat knocked me out (I say that in the nicest way possible JG).

Some decent play, steals, resteals, and cards that got me nothing (KK twice) had me sitting in the top 15 with 30 left. I'd been as high as 9th I think. Tripjax had been luckboxing like a madman to build a huge stack and I had some sort of suited connectors that I called his raise with. The flop brought me an inside straight and flush draw for 12 outs twice and Trip overbet the pot. I called, and it brought me to 1600 chips left, with a pot of over 4800 or thereabouts. Turn gave me an OESD with the flush draw and we both checked. River paired the board, check, check and Trip has an ace. Damn.

Mistakes I see: I like my call preflop. I hate my call on the flop. I should have pushed or folded. If he's bluffing, the 1600 extra MAY be enough to get him off with his stack not committing him to the pot. Although that's unlikely, it at least takes away any decisions I have to make on the turn if he does anything other than check. Does a push on the turn or river help me? Maybe. If I fold, I've got far more chips to play with.

Next hand I see AK UTG and push. Folds all around to Julius Goat who calls with AT. T on the flop or turn and somewhere I hear a fat lady singing.

Ah well. Cost me $35 or something in peeps to make it. Cost me far more to lose live earlier.

Then I fired up a lvl 1 peep, kicked ass but forgot to take names for a token for The Hoy tonight. So far, BBTwo has cost me around $44. I've decided to calculate based on this simple formula: (Bankroll after BBTwo) - (Bankroll before BBTwo) - (P&L for non BBTwo-related games) = Profit (or Loss) for BBTwo. If I token in to a game, then it costs me $8.70. Why? Because that was the purpose of the token. If it takes two attempts, it's $17.40 Consider it a non-optional satellite.


In other news - the cats seem to be getting along. To the point where they were both sharing the top of the giant cat tree in the living room this morning. Good.

My computer is on its way to recovery. I spent the weekend installing and upgrading my new box, yay technology! After that was done, I hooked up my messed up drives and scanned them. Lo! It did discover data! Boo! It recovered it terribly. File extensions I've NEVER had were there, and none had a name. 20kb PNGs? I don't think so. So I deleted that recovered data (on a different drive) and tried again. This morning I attempted another recovery and it appears all is going as well as can be expected. Files with FULL file names now appearing, in all their full-sized glory. I can actually VIEW my pictures again! I left it running as I left for work, and expect a fun-filled night of renaming directories and rebuilding trees. As long as the files are there, and named, I'm happy.


**UPDATE: Congrats to Jeciimd for taking down the Big Game. He has now pretty much guaranteed he will have a much better ROI than the first one, and not get harrassed for always pointing and not cashing. Nicely done.

It also helps a bit that both Tripjax (2nd) and The Goat cashed as well. Glad my chips worked out.


TripJax said...

I was quite amazed when the check down brought the chips my way. Never thought I was winning that hand...

...good gamin' with you sir.

Astin said...

Yah, I'm kicking myself for calling with only 1600 behind, which wasn't that big in comparison to either your stack or the pot. Bad play by me.

Congrats on 2nd, that's not a bad payday for playing a large home game.