Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Oh How It Grows

Anyone reading this knows there's a wee blogger gathering in Vegas in December. I've mentioned to friends that I'm heading to Vegas, and a couple showed interest. Then 2 more did.

It's gone from me going solo, to a buddy coming along, to a couple of 'em, to there now being potentially 5 of us. That means more rooms... more co-ordination. AND it becomes an entirely different trip. That said, I'd feel far less guilty about dumping them for WPBT fun now. Nothing worse than having people WATCH you gamble.


Poker continues to drag along these days. Played in a lvl 1 peep, won, then played in the lvl 2, and came in 6th for $56. What? Money? huh? You mean my bankroll can go UP? How odd.

There's no way I make any Ironman tournaments during that run. I'm just not playing enough, and don't see me having enough free time to change that for a few weeks. Thanksgiving is this weekend and next weekend I've got a new cat to introduce to my current one. Methinks that will be a weekend's worth of work itself, and my weekdays have this nasty habit of filling up. Considering there's a few things I'd like to spend some time on, this is inconvenient.

I'm hoping that I'll remember and be able to play in the WBCOOP at Stars on the 13th.


lj said...

omg you're popular. first you have a million people at your bday party and now they're following you to vegas. i feel blessed that i got to spend so much time w/ you at last blogger gathering, since clearly you will not have time for the little people like me at this one.

Astin said...

I just can't shake 'em I tells ya! :)

But we're all big boys now and I think they can look after themselves while I'm hanging out with my imaginary internet friends.