Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Turkey Overload

I had two turkey dinners over the weekend. The first, on Sunday, was brined the night before in a cooler and ended up being roasted perfectly. Juicy, flavourful meat, cooked just right, and fantastic roasted vegetables. A HUGE improvement over last year. TONS (okay, about 10lbs) of leftovers. Monday's involved going to the folks' and was also quite good, but wasn't brined. My mom roasts a good bird, not at all dry, and perfectly golden skin.

All-in-all, a very filling weekend. And 30 degrees on Thanksgiving to boot! Hottest it has EVER been (old record was 29.6 degrees in 1916).

Zero poker content due to minimal poker played. I even skipped the MATH last night in order to finish cleaning up after Sunday's dinner. It was so very nice to reclaim my kitchen from the pots, pans, and giant pot of soup on the stove. Of course, now my fridge is packed. Turkey and gravy sandwich for dinner tonight. Maybe some corn on the cob and fried mashed potatoes and stuffing (definitely stuffing). Next week will involved nothing but fruit and salads and exercise (yah, right).

Saturday was a friend's 30th (who had to have it on the long weekend thanks to me taking over last week's), which was a pleasant gathering. Before that was all the turkeyday shopping, including a stop at the farmer's market to restock on Elk and tasty veggies.

Some Heroes content though. The 3rd episode of the season was on last night, and it was the first that I truly enjoyed. This is a spoiler warning. I'm too lazy to change the colour today.

The Sylar scenes were great. His character really adds a lot to the show. I would have done things differently, but they may still be able to go in that direction. Just before Sylar clocked Candice, I figured it was ALL an illusion. His wounds, his loss of powers, all of it. That Candice was controlling him via illusions. It would have been brilliant. Instead, he kills her, and STILL can't use his powers (or hers). I did love that he bolts out of the shack and finds himself in the middle of an endless rainforest. Like I said though, this could STILL be part of a much larger illusion to control him.

Peter is mildly annoying. Let's drop the amnesia thing already. Plus, his reasoning to not open the box was weak. If he didn't like what he found, why go back to it? Just stick around in Cork and chill with the Irish.

DL died. Good. Not because I disliked the character, but because if he survived it would be a miracle of modern medicine.

Bennet will get shot in the eye? Claire will be there? I doubt it. It's the 8th painting in the series, which means it will happen at the end of the season. I imagine this will be the one that doesn't come true. Claire will be turned against her father, but at the last minute change her mind and save him. That or he'll have powers we don't know about.

Hiro - same ol' same ol'.

West and Claire - still lame. Nice Superman rip-off there.

Nice that Claire's Nissan Rogue (a proud sponsor of Heroes) has been found in Mexico and will make it back to America with the Wonder Twins.

Nichelle Nichols! They kill of Sulu and bring in Uhura! Let's see if Leonard Nimoy shows up next season, or more likely, Walter Koenig.

Anyway, not an action-packed episode, but it had some great moments and felt like a keystone episodes - where it did things that lay the groundwork for the story moving forward.

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