Thursday, October 11, 2007

To Clear Something Up

I'm mot sure why, but I was thinking of a famous episode of Family Feud this morning. Oh the thoughts that run in and out of one's head while getting ready for work. Anyway, I tried to find a video of the incident online, but have been thus far unsuccessful.

What I did find are countless WRONG accounts of the episode. Obviously a bunch of people who have heard about it, but never actually saw the show in question. Some have discounted it as a racist joke, others have claimed to have seen it but have put it in the wrong part of the show, etc..

So here it is, from someone who used to watch a lot of "The Feud" back in the day, and remembers this episode pretty damned clearly.

It's the FINAL round, for the $10,000. The first of the two chosen family members has already gone up. The first (I think, this is the only thing I'm fuzzy on) question from Ray Combs is, "Name a fruit that starts with 'A'". The first family member had wisely said, "apple", which was the #1 answer. Naturally you're expecting this second member to say the same thing and get buzzed for duplicating his partner's response. You try to think of other responses - apricot, avocado, and realize there aren't many. But no. Without a second's hesitation, this gentleman hollars out with great enthusiasm, and his heavy accent (Jamaican? Caribbean? I'm not going to guess, but you get the idea), "ARANGE!"

There was a moment of dumbfounded silence as the audience, host and the viewers at home picked their jaws up. Did he just say, "Orange?" He did! Our intrepid host quickly gathers himself and in classic style yells out, "Show me.... Arange!"

Oddly enough, zero people surveyed gave this answer.

So no, it wasn't during a steal (come on people, THINK for a second, how many fruit start with "A"? Enough for an entire round? Nope.) At no point was his family yelling out answers and he "decided to go it alone." Also, he wasn't a woman.

Glad I got that off my chest.


Let's not speak of the Mookie and RaisingCayne's jackace rivering a J-high 4-straight to beat my AK to knock me out second last. I knew it was going to be one of those nights. Luckily, after then getting knocked out by a rivered boat by a TP2K donkey in the first hand of a $6.50 SnG, and then getting bubbled out in another one, I took 1st place in a $12 Turbo SnG to show a little profit for the evening. Go me.

Also, Johnnie Walker Black 12yr is very drinkable, not anywhere near the flavour and complexity of 16yr Lagavulin, but it's a good starter scotch. 40 malts involved? Wow, that's some serious blending.


RaisingCayne said...

Yes, let's not speak of the donkey's taking you out of the Mookie with a wicked suckout. (Let's also not speak of how that same donkey lost out later pushing a flush draw against an overpair... what a tool!)

I didn't recall that Family Feud moment, but it reminded me of the time on the Newlywed Show, when the question was "Where's the craziest place you and your spouse have ever 'made whoopie'?" ... And some blonde answers with "in the ass." That was priceless!

lightning36 said...

You are welcome for sparing you from Gigli honors ...

lj said...

wow. both tv one-liners have me laughing out loud.