Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Today I learned many things. I learned about the variety of RAID 0 recovery options out there. I learned that the computer store I bought the wrong hard drives from will gladly exchange them for bigger, more expensive ones (whew). I learned that as soon as I say, "I don't need to buy an external hard drive for backup" that I was fucked. Tonight I will learn if me buying an external drive now will be too late, and if that RAID recovery software will work in my situation. Fun times.

I also learned that I shouldn't drone on about computer issues involving acronyms like RAID and SATA and IDE. Funny thing is, other than games, building and fixing computers is one thing that a degree in Computer Engineering didn't suck the fun from. Maybe because it never goes quite as planned.

I want to play live tonight, but that will strongly depend on how quickly I can get things set up, installed, and scanning. Lucky me, my club is an 800m walk away from my door

I did swing into the low-limit bloggerdonk cash game before I went to bed though, and donated $20 to the cause. I succeeded in my goal of donkitude. Waffles having $160 in a 0.10/0.25 game was pretty crazy to see.

Soon, I get to go home to my busted computer and disfunctional (yet improving) feline pairing. Good times.

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