Thursday, October 25, 2007

BBToo Continues

Riverchasers tonight. 30th on Sunday, 6th on Monday, 2nd last night, the trend points to first. Alternately, I could tiptoe through a minefield amongst a bunch of drunk elephants and hope to make it to the other side unscathed. But hey, I'm a luckbox, right? I should have no problem making it with my 17 pocket aces, 23 cowboys, and 107 rivered nut flushes. My real money makers are the turned boats with 52o.

But enough of that. Did everyone see that you can write your way into the TOC? I seem to have missed that option. Two seats for whomever writes the best fictional account of their time in Melbourne after winning the TOC and having Full Tilte send them and a guest off to the land down under (great, now that song's stuck).

The real question is - if you win a seat by playing, can you still win a seat by writing, thereby eliminating even more competition?

See you at the 'Chasers. I expect 100 to be broken yet again. Maybe even 120 this time? That's a very full fishtank.

In the meantime:

It was dark and stormy night... in Australia...

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