Friday, October 26, 2007


I hate these things. But this one seems interesting and I'm bored.

Four Jobs I've Held
1.- Developer/Support/Trader (same job, same company, it just evolves)
2.- HR Database builder/administrator
3.- Developer/co-ordinator for a pilot project using PDAs in the field for safety inspectors (this involved a summer of goofing off)
4.- QA tester for a trading firm

Four Films I Could Watch Over and Over
1.- Almost Famous
2.- Galaxy Quest
3.- The Matrix
4.- Original Star Wars Trilogy

Four TV Shows I Watch
1.- Dr. Who
2.- Battlestar Galactica
3.- Heroes
4.- The Daily Show & Colbert Report

Four Places I've Lived
1.- Malton (Toronto Suburb)
2.- Etobicoke (Toronto Suburb, now part of Toronto)
3.- Downtown Toronto
4.- Fantasyland

Four Favourite Foods
1.- "Chicken Supreme" (mom's recipe which I have down cold, adapted from Julia Child)
2.- BBQ Pork Ribs
3.- Fresh Chocolate Chip Cookies
4.- BC Salmon

Four Websites I Visit Daily
4.- My blog and the blogs linked from it

Four Favourite Colours
1.- Sapphire Blue
2.- Emerald Green
3.- Sunset Orange
4.- Vibrant blue-indigo

Four Places I'd Love to be Right Now
1.- Vegas
2.- Key West
3.- Paris
4.- Asleep

Four Names I Like But Wouldn't Give My Children
1.- Werner
2.- Cytheria
3.- Mistaya
4.- Norax, Devourer of Worlds

Four Favourite Books
1.- Just About all of Terry Brooks' Catalogue
2.- Wheel of Time Books 1-5
3.- The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
4.- The Thrawn Trilogy


lj said...

argh, totally forgot about bsg when i did mine. cannot wait for pegasus movie and then new season!!

have heard great things bout dr. who. so w/ you on galaxy quest also, i LOVED that movie!

Astin said...

That's because it's been months since BSG was on. Stupid Sci-Fi. Movie's out soon!

Doctor Who is great. The last 3 seasons (Christopher Eccelstone and David Tennant as the Doctor) have really revitalized the series. I'm not sure about the direction they're going for season 4 though.

Galaxy Quest is one of my favourite comedies. Unlike the obvious parodies like Scary Movie, Date Movie, etc., this one is smart, dead-on, and not ridiculous. It actually had me LIKING Tim Allen. He embodied Shatner without "doing" Shatner.

Fuel55 said...

As a Canadian, you just gotta love the Colbert Report.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Nice obscure call on Galaxy Quest. Cheesy though it seems, it ended up being a really cute movie.

lj said...

the funniest part is that i've never seen star trek, and had no idea it was a satire of shatner! i just thought it was a really funny comedy.

dr. who is one of those shows i plan to marathon when the day finally comes that i'm "in between" jobs (along w/ the shield, rescue me and oz).