Monday, October 29, 2007


Ha! Like I'd actually be glad it's Monday. Wait, why I AM glad it's Monday. Why? Because BBToo continues tonight with Mondays at the Hoy! I'm going to take down one of these soon, and I don't see why tonight can't be the one. I think I've calculated the proper amount of luckboxery required and submitted my request for hands to the dealers along with the necessary compromising photos. I expect no fewer than 12 pocket aces, 7 cowboys vs stone-cold bluffs, AK 10 times without need for a showdown, and about 20 hands that I get in cheaply with that catch flops, straights, sets, and quads for the wins. Also, no suckouts please, kthxbye.

So just know that if I bet (I know, it's rare), I have the nuts and you're beat. Call at your own peril.

Congrats to Don for the deep run in the 750k last night. I'm not sure which sucks more, that he got caught stealing or that the pocket jacks that caught him flopped the set. Regardless, gg.


Picked up Guitar Hero III yesterday for the Wii. I didn't even realize it was out, but went to Best Buy and there it was. My fingers are sore. Hoy - HIGHLY recommended game for the Wii (or any system), just be sure to pick up the one with the guitar controller. Kinda hard (read: impossible) to play without it. It did make me feel old though. As the game progresses, the songs keep getting newer, and I'm now in Japan without a clue what any of the tracks I'm playing are. I recognize some of the bands (Queens of the Stone Age for example), but not the songs. It's cool when Slash or Tom Morello come on stage and challenge you to a guitar battle though.

My Halloween costume was finished in time - Marvin the Martian was I, and I think it worked well. Maybe I'll post a pic. Probably not. Small but enjoyable party at a buddy's place. Many of the usual suspects were missing for various reasons, but a good bit of the core was there. Highlight of the night was when the "sexy cowgirl" invited me to something a friend of mine was inviting HER to... nothing like inadvertent cockblocking. I owe him one anyway.

Toss in the night starting with, "we need a picture of you because cute-so-and-so can't make it but wanted to know what you'd be dressed as" and it makes for a good ego-boosting time.

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lj said...

anna LOVES this game...i've never played, but seeing as i have a wii now, maybe i'll check it out.