Friday, October 26, 2007

Ze Plan For Tonight

For anybody stalking me:

I've got to finish getting my costume together. This means finding a cheap pair of oversized white sneakers (harder than you think. I'm not dropping $80 on shoes I plan to draw on and wear one night). Chinatown, here I come!

I also need a wooden dowel. This will be glued, although I realize too late I could screw it on (but I drilled a HUGE hole in an attempt at a different attachement, and don't think I have a screw with a large enough head. I could use filler I guess).

Then I have to assemble it all. I'm hoping one piece holds together, otherwise it'll be a disaster of trying to rebuild in time. I may need more green spray paint too.

The final decision is - projectile weapon or not? I think we all know the answer.

After all that, it's donkament time! Naturally, this requires drinking. I think I'm going martini-style tonight. I also think I'll be creating as I go. Considering my mix currently consists of milk, cream, a bit of cranberry, and a variety of pops (but I may be out of club soda). it could be interesting.

Possible alcoholic components: Golden Pear, Creme de Cassis, Sloe Gin, Green Tea, Honey, Herbal Vodka, Ultimat Vodka, Butter schnapps, creme de menthe, creme de cacao, Navan (vanilla Grand Marnier), strawberry liqueur....

hold it.. think I've got one.

The strawberry liqueur I have (blanking on the name, but it's got a bunch of wild strawberries floating in it), creme de cacao, navan, and some base (likely strawberry vodka, or maybe a more premium one)... Neopolitan!

Hmm.. vanilla could be a base flavour for the night. Perhaps a variety of ice-cream inspired drinks. Mint chocolate... honey orange... vanilla pear... black cherry vanilla... mmm. I may have to pick up some vanilla vodka. That would bring my vodka count to something like 13 bottles. Seriously. Lime sorbet martini!! Lime vodka, crushed ice, lime juice.

Expect nothing resembling reasonable play from me tonight.


The Wife said...

Hope you had a good Halloween party.

Can we kick Instant Tragedy's butt if he doesn't go? I got a babysitter for God's sake.

Work on the man.

The Wife

Liked the MeMe

Astin said...

Lord knows I'm trying. :)

Soon I'll have to start up a collection to fund his entire trip, make it non-refundable, and send him the details so he can't escape.