Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hitting The Snooze Button

The BBT will be the death of me purely due to exhaustion. It doesn't help that I'm a night owl anyway, which makes it feel odd to force myself to go to bed after watching the MATH close out.

Regardless, after a night of inadequate sleep, the tilt is gone. Congrats to XxMagiciaNxX for taking a TOC seat, and Wormmsu for making him work for it.

I haven't changed my opinion that after Fuel was knocked out in 9th that the table was the biggest display of weak-tight "poker" I've ever seen. I'm somewhat guilty myself, but my rationale is that I had an above-average stack with 3 very short stacks there and figured there'd be some mutual destruction happening before I had to turn up the aggression. Not that I was playing for the money, but for the improved odds of a smaller table.

Unfortunately, my stack dwindled as the table passed around blinds, unless I tried to get some. So with my rank and chips dropping, I told Tragedy that I was cranking it up the next orbit. I pushed with ATC in position, and then decided that T9o was good from the hijack. I got called by the jackace and the board beat me further. Fine, I hope my pushes get called by jackace all day long. I was actually glad to get away from that bingo game at that point.

One last thing to clarify how I feel about that FT - Not a single one of you was playing to win, you were playing to not lose. Keep waiting for an ace or paint, you'll go far. Maybe I should stop tapping.

Anyway, on to my play. I got sickly lucky once that I can recall - I ran 77 into a flopped set of aces, only to river the 8-high straight. It was fugly. Other than that, I had a reason for every seemingly bad call I made, which I won't really get into. There was twice where I made a call figuring I was either behind (but had a large chip lead and pot odds) or facing a strong drawing hand. I was wrong both times in my reads and was in better shape that I hoped. I'm not sure if that makes me a complete donkey or not, but in the end, I called when ahead.

I also had one call I didn't make that was pure idiocy. I had just doubled-up early on and was sitting in the top 5 with 7k in chips. I got to the turn vs two players (Columbo and somone else), and EP pushed for his last 1k or so into a 4k pot. I had an OESD and flush draw with one card to come, on a paired board with Columbo to act behind me, covered by that 1k bet. Should I be afraid of the boat with 5:1 odds and probably 6:1 implied with 15 outs to a hand that will beat a set? I think not. I practically automucked and instantly smacked myself. I lose that hand, I have 5k early on, I win and I have 12k. Naturally my flush filled on the river and would have beat the trip tens EP had and Columbo's cowboys. I mucked because for a second I didn't pay attention. I didn't look at the pot size, or the stack size behind me, or my stack size, just the all-in, and laid down my draw.

In the long run, does it make a difference? I think so. That early, with that deep a stack, I can push around a table, keep building, and be even stronger later on. The power of compound interest if you will. Yes, I took the chip lead later with a monster stack, but I could have been steamrolling far earlier, and it would have likely made a difference at the final table.

Mookie is tomorrow, and 21 more chances after that.


Miami Don said...

Another good run man, so close.

Yes that final table was, nicely put, weak-tight at it's finest. I couldn't even watch after you and Fuel went out.

GL in the upcoming events.

Riggstad said...

Hey, read my blog... I was putting my thoughts here but it got lengthy and decided to put it in a post...