Friday, October 12, 2007

Presto Can Kiss My Ass (Parts 1 & 2)

Law of conservation of presto: For every time Fuel wins, I must suffer a loss at its hands.

Other than Sunday's WBCOOP, I imagine my weekend will be poker-free. So I decided to play a bit last night to sate any urges. Fired up my trusty friend the $6.50 Turbo SnG (2nd place), the $75 token frenzy (65th... whoops. Who let the QQ flop a set vs my Cowboys?), and the $28k.

I haven't played in any of the big donkaments (24k, 28k, or 50-50) in a couple months, as I decided to be a tad more responsible with my bankroll, and haven't played that many tier 1's nor had the time for the 50-50 satellites. However, I figured I'd give it a shot.

This was a foolish notion, as I was playing until 1:30am, and had some things that needed doing for today. I went out 84th (180 paid) for around $20 profit (or $38 depending on how you count the fact I tokened-in). It ended something like this:

For the last half hour I'd been falling asleep at the keyboard, and still had a bunch of stuff that needed to be done staring me in the face. The awfukits were creeping in. I had made a few ridiculous moves that either scared off people, sucked out, or looked brilliant in hindsight. This was also fuelled by the fact that I could have been a dominant chipleader if I'd played all but 3 or 4 hands in the last hour (shit like T6 was flopping boats, but I was naturally folding these pre-flop). Then, in the BB, I see A6c. It folds to the SB, who has been ahead of me in chips for most of the night, but was now behind. He raises to 3x and I think for a few seconds and call, thinking it could be a steal (not uncommon for him). Flop comes 5AT, he checks and I bet a bit less than the pot. He repops with 2k behind. Now my brain says, "checkraise with that little left behind? something smells fishy." My hand, however, says, "fuck this... he's going all-in". Over comes... PRESTO for the set. Damn. I knew he didn't have the ace.

I'm left with around 3.2k in chips, which is MAYBE an M of 1.5. I fold a couple crap hands, dump an A-crap to pre-flop raise, and then see my own presto. Alright. By this time I've got less than 2 BBs, so from the hijack, I push. BB calls out of necessity (short raise, and she's got 10k), and shows 36o. 3 on the flop, 6 on the river. IGHN. So presto screwed me twice in the span of about 3 minutes.

Of course, a certain penguin is laughing now that 36 has beat yet another hand. I think I prefer his method.

At least I got my other things done, and there's now a room prepped for tonight's new arrival.


Fuel55 said...

Most people can only dream of getting presto with 2BB left ...

Ryan said...

i was the guy in the wbcoop just now...i was multitabling and missed who you were til the last second.

Astin said...

Welcome to the blog. Feel free to toss some chips around with the rest of us donks at our weekly games. Or maybe you already do, I'm starting to lose track. :)