Monday, October 01, 2007


Been a dearth of poker content here. That trend will likely continue.

Why? Well this weekend I played in I think a grand total of 2, maybe 3 games. I played a couple $6.50 turbo 6-man tables to no success. One of those was after my birthday and I was in absolutely no shape to actually play. I believe I slept through most of it. Must have been annoying for my opponents.

I did, however, kill in a $2 Turbo 6-man last night when I needed to donk off some time. Got hurt by one race I lost, but stormed back and won against a far-too-honest opponent.

First, we're 3-handed with one guy who has been sitting out the whole time. The other live guy says, "getting a beer." and leaves! So I proceed to raise and take about 3 or 4 orbits of blinds before he sits down. I actually had good hands for most of those too! Then I find myself in an unfortunate situation where I've bet into a hand where I have something, but not the nuts. He calls, and then proceeds to check down. I fold in an instant if he bets because there's no way I'm letting the guy sitting out with only 60 chips left to get ITM. No bet, and I win with my hand as his draw doesn't fill.

We end up heads up and he proceeds to tell me to bet when he doesn't have a hand. He doesn't lie once about it. A min bet with nothing and he folds, giving me free orbit after free orbit.

Finally I take the lead when he folds to some aggression and my KJd rivers a straight (flop was QTx with two diamonds) against his trip queens (turn Q, river A) for the win. Yes! $5 PROFIT BABEEEEE!!

Hey, I'll take what I can get.


Vegas - I now have TWO friends interested in coming, which is a much better situation that one. Now I can abandon them both and they'll have each other (awwww). Except one of them DOES like poker and is wrapping up a divorce so he has some pent up biterness that MAY manifest as exorbitant expenditure. Which once again leaves friend #1 abandoned. Heh. It's not like I haven't warned them.

Now if that damned seat sale would come back. Vegas from Toronto for under $400! That's damned cheap. With the 3 of us that would be $600 each for airfare and 3 nights at TI. Not too shabby. That's like... 30 cents US or something. I'm not so good at math. :)

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