Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Just Like Hoy

Went from this:

... to being out 6th. I'll take the cash, but I really wanted the win. I made one absolutely asinine donkey move that killed me. I have AQ, I call jjok's raise, thinking he has AK. I have no idea why other than it was relatively cheap. Flop comes KxA and I bet. He pushes and I CALL. I, like Hoy the other day, went from playing what I put him on to playing what I wanted him to have (a weaker A or a K). It halved my stack, and I never recovered. I then lost more with 88 vs QQ (right after JoeSpeaker lost with 88 to JJ) and finally pushed with A9 and ran into jjok's JJ (which rivered the set just for fun). I blame it all on my donk AQ move. I played a great game the whole way and one mistake hurt at the exact wrong time.



Chad C said...

How does my boy not win that? I would say GG, but it wasn't :) These are winner take all if you ask me. The TOC seat is worth more than any prize in these. Better luck next time. Personally I am going to hire a bum to play for me next time.

Julius_Goat said...

I think we can all sympathize with "one dumb play" syndrome.

The silver lining is that you realize it.

Astin said...

Totally winner-take-all games. Find me another under-30-runner Aussie Millions seat you can get into for $10? And last night seemed to have far less suckouts than usual for a MATH. Not to say they weren't there. You might want to try hiring a 12-year old, I hear they're good at these things.

Now I just have to extend that silver lining to make one giant silver cloud of me winning. Of course, it would likely fall from the sky and make one helluva crater. And also, crush people. But as long as I win, that's what's important.

Shrike said...

Good job. I felt pretty sick in donating all my chips to you in less than 5 minutes. Speaking of one dumb play ... :(

That'll teach me to make sloppy calls as the big chipleader. If I fold 88, I don't get crippled when I flop two pair vs. your bottom set ...

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Wow I am so not the guy you want to be emulating in your blonkament play these days. Sorry to have served as the example for your play, if I was not clear enough, that was what not to do if you want to win, not what to do if you want to lose.

Nice job by you in both BBTwo tournaments so far man. I thought for sure you had the MATH when the final table started and you had that big chiplead. I figured you were good for 8 or 10 pocket Aces at the final table and would be very hard to beat from that point. C'est la vie I guess.