Monday, March 16, 2009

1000 & Eh

This is my 1000th published post here. 1000 posts in under 3 years? Not a bad posting rate. Shame about the quality though.

I guess I'm doing SOMETHING right after multiple pagerank discussions over the weekend and looking at the stats. You seem to either come here once, or hundreds of times. So to the hundreds of unique vistors (or the dozens daily)... thanks.

I COULD look back over the last 999 posts, but why bother? They're all here for perusal.

So enough celebration of arbitrary numbers. Maybe I'll do a big 1327th post retrospective in 8 months.

Eh-Vegas is over! The streets of Toronto are flooded with the tears of both those who had to leave and those who will miss those who left. That's a lot of thoses' tears. Was it like last year's? Nope. Nor was it like the year before that. Such is the Vegas of Eh, always changing, always new.

It seems there was rue that I did not cook for this year's group. My apologies. I opted to sun myself in Florida for a week instead of walking 2km in the icy cold to buy frozen meat. I shall rectify that next year. How about a labour day Eh-Vegas next year? Just a suggestion, because then there could be BBQ, and the elk (or bison, or boar, or beef, or whatever) would maybe be fresh instead of frozen.

Regardless, I'm sitting here exhausted and wondering how a weekend that seemed so long now seems so short. Drinks and dinner, 0.05/0.10 that wasn't, 90 minutes HU battle with NutzCarson in the Eh-Vegas tourney that ended with me worn down and in second, and Carson licking beaver (a beaver that I wanted sooooo bad!), hanging out, wandering the Falls without rolling a single dice or flinging a single chip (did you know there are waterfalls in Niagara? Quel surprise!), and discussing the quality of strip clubs between Toronto and Niagara with a guy who lives in a cornfield or something.

Now if only the bleeding would stop.

To Dawn Summers, Bacini Mary, OhCaptain, and VinNay - Thanks for coming up to the great white north. It was great to see you all. To the TuckFards (NutzCarson, DonK, QueenK, SuzyQ, NutzFirth, Matt, Leslie, etc?), Bankwell, Pokertart, Guin (happy birthday! Have fun in Vegas with the daughter), and the rest of the "locals" (Tawny, Taylor, Moose, other people who's names I never got) who made it out (I think I covered everyone...), it's a shame events need to be organized for everyone to get together, as it's always a good time.

And to Kat, thanks again for organizing a great time, even if you think you didn't do that much. I mean, I did even less!

So... what's next?


BWoP said...

Vegas Vegas.


Katitude said...

*hugs....Thank YOU Astin, for the help and the laughs :-)

Sorry you had to work today...bummer.

1Queens Up1 said...

Chipper Jones apparently was not a fan of Eh-Vegas:

“We stayed in Toronto for a week and played three games. I don’t know if you’ve ever stayed in Toronto, but it’s not exactly Las Vegas. To say that we were plucking our eyebrows out one at a time would be an understatement."