Monday, March 09, 2009

Next Weekend

Wow, is Eh-Vegas almost here already? Crazy.

Yup, next weekend is booked. I've contributed far, FAR less to this year's effort than last year's, but am of course at Kat's disposal if there's anything she needs that I can provide.

The "details" are on her site, but here's a recap, just in case you're too lazy to click there and never updated your feeds when she moved to her own domain.

Friday - People get in, locals get off work, gathering, drinking, and the like occur. For what it's worth, I support any and all downtown activities, as it requires less effort on my part to get to them. If I have to drive places, I have to drink much less. In fact, if the numbers aren't too large, I'd even be willing to just break out the cards and chips at my place with some beverages and pizza if that works. Note - I only have poker seating for 8, but some more space for non-poker (big couch, couple chairs, etc..). Or we can hit a bar/pub/tavern/restaurant/lounge/whatever. If it's up in Kat-town, I'll be sure to find my way up there.

Saturday - Coffee at Kat's, which I imagine I'll miss. Brunch in the Katbourhood, which I will make every attempt (ie.- get my ass out of bed) to make. Then comes the pokering and merry-making. $50 + 1R + $20 add-on.

Sunday - Brunch in the Distillery District. Which would check off another of those "things I've never done in my own city for some stupid reason". Oh, I've been to the area, but never during the day. By this point, I imagine I'll be in it for the food more than the drink. Not sure what everyone else's plans are, but I'm more than happy to head Niagara-wards after brunch for some chip slinging, be it at the poker table or the $5 Sunday craps table.

I know OhCaptain and Kat were looking to do some photography (nudge nudge wink wink... oh, nevermind) during the weekend. Obviously the Distillery District offers some prime opportunities for this, as does the Falls. Wandering the streets of downtown Toronto at night provide a few shots as well. It's looking like a pretty sunny weekend at the moment, if a touch cool. We'll see if that holds as we get closer.

It's not too late to decide to come! Especially with the Canadian dollar trading at nearly a 30% premium these days. That's like 1/3 of your trip free if you're from the States! Think of it as buy 2 get the 3rd free. Or buy 1, get 1 60% off.

Come see a country who's economy isn't in the shitter yet! People with jobs! Streets paved with gold! Well, okay, not the streets, but the buildings! Oh alright, only one building made with gold. Seriously. It's pretty big though.

Just get up here. C'mon!


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OhCaptain said...

My bag is packed. The batteries are charged. All I need is this damn clock to mover MUCH faster.

See ya Friday.