Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Flotsam

Nobody told ME Julius Goat was going to be on BDR on Wednesday. I would have listened! Umm.. I mean, while I obviously WAS listening, I wouldn't have turned down the volume during that segment when I smelled something funny.... yah, that's it.

Eh-Vegas is.... TODAY! Let's say the official kickoff is in... like... I dunno... 8 or 9 hours? Sure, why not. No idea what the plans are other than at some point tomorrow we'll be at Kat's playing poker and drinking and snacking and laughing and totally not calling up every stripper in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) to come party with us. I imagine there will be food and drink tonight... I'm hoping it's downtown so I can stumble home from wherever it is. Niagara on Sunday? Huh? Huh? I gots me a jones for casino action.

Fuck! I just realized I'll be in Whistler during Goat's BBmT! Well, I'll be done with the slopes by the time it kicks off, and I'll have my laptop... network access is another question. No, I can't commit. Even though that would be the ultimate in bad management. I mean, I'm visiting my brother, and that's the last night I'm there. Stupid Gregorian Monks and their calendars.

Sometimes (okay, most of the time), XKCD nails it. I wonder if it works with the Candyman too...

Speaking of funny - Dimetri Martin? Hilariously low-key. This kid could be something. If nothing else, he gave the world the proper answer to the question "Are you ticklish?"

Great Daily Show last night - entire show dedicated to Jim Cramer... Stewart did his usual slow build to destroying someone. People go on this show figuring he's the funny guy, but he's possibly the most dangerous interviewer on TV when he wants to be.

Powered speakers at my desk? Oh, that's dangerous for a professional environment.

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