Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I fired up the Riverchasers game last night for some BBT4 action. Last week's Mookie was the first time I'd made the points in this thing, and I recall being mildly disappointed that I went out when I did.

Last night's adventure left something to be desired. To say my table was luckbox central would be an understatement. Yah, I know, the only thing worse than a blogger game is when the bloggers and riverchasers combine forces. Don, and to a lesser extent Chad, was berating the table for a good chunk of the night, but only one person took the bait and fought back.

I got my share of luck thrown my way, like turning quad 4's (84o in the SB) on the first hand and getting Waffles to pay me for it, or flopping trip queens, watching LuckTruck turn the flush against me and then me rivering the boat. But losing every other big hand I got in ahead with stung. I didn't play a particularly creative game, but I wasn't disappointed in my play or my decisions, which tempers the disappointment a bit.

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