Monday, March 02, 2009

I Affect Weather and Markets

The Alps - hottest heat wave in 20 years when I visited. People discovered why those who don't live in mountains have air conditioning.
Japan - Typhoon Robin chased us the entire way, hitting every city the day after we left it. It was raining in Tokyo as our plane took off.
Banff/Calgary - -26 for two weeks before my arrival, +8 by the time I left
Nevada - It snowed the day after I left in December
Key West - Beautiful all week. Now cold in my absence.

There are other examples.

I took 2 weeks off in late September/early October last year - bank failures, huge drops in the market, mass hysteria. The day of my return, the TSX was up 1200 points within minutes.

The Dow dropped over 4% upon my return today. The TSX is down over 5%.

Maybe I should stop leaving... or stop coming back.

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