Thursday, March 26, 2009

Patience Riggs

Well, Riggs has requested I get a recipe up. Preferably in pie form. Have you seen Riggs? The guy's huge, so I'll completely do as requested. Also, he used flattery, and ego controls all my decisions.

Just not this weekend. Busy tonight, tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday. I might be able to get the first part done on Sunday.

I had a comment about this, then deleted it and turned it into this post.

Yah, something planned now. The purists will cry fowl (hah!), but so few of them read here that I'm not worried.

Bonus! It will be a recipe of firsts for me. Things I've never made! Things in my kitchen I've never used! Ingredients that I don't yet own!

Here's hoping it works.


Katitude said...

Just out of curiousity, how much stuff have you made that *didn't* work?

I'm betting it's a small number :-)

Astin said...

There's been a few. My first attempt at hollandaise was lumpy, and then citrusy when I fixed the lumpy part. I did a lemon-caper chicken that was pure tartness and nearly inedible. Then there was the spicy orange chicken that had a bad combination of spice - I think the szechuan pepper killed it... that was terrible.

And one friend won't let me forget about the green eggs incident, but they tasted amazing.