Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This morning as I brushed my teeth, I decided that I would play at least one BBT4 game in the most donkish way I could imagine. This was followed by the thought that if tonight was Limit Hold 'Em in the Skills game, then it would provide the perfect opportunity for such an effort.

From my mouth to CEM's ears it would seem! LHE - the marathon of options. Not quite as donkish as LO8 would be, but plenty good.

So after getting a few things done around the homestead, I plan to hunker down and pay a modicum of attention to playing hands like QTo like the nuts, and calling 3-bets on the flop with QJo and 33 unimproved. I expect I'll win the whole damned thing.

1 comment:

1Queens Up1 said...

you have finally allowed yourself to be consumed by the blogaments Astin.

By the way obv 82ss is the nuts, just ask PL.